Who we are

Expertise and style of Fiorenzo Interior Design was tailored to meet the needs of demanding customer and make difference in modern furniture design solutions that perfectly reflects our values, ethics and philosophy expressed in every detail of design project where every shape is perfect, accurate and definitive.

This key principle allows us to create living and working spaces satisfying client’s hopes and demands. We encourage customary approach to office design, blending emotion, design and quality to create projects of any scale and complexity.

Fiorenzo Interior Design is situated in a space of 200 square meters providing an ideal base to meet our clients and share our unique vision of Italian design in line with project needs: unity of shape, color variation, particular attention to materials creates the basis of inimitable approach by Fiorenzo Interior Design suitable even for the most sophisticated clients.



Interior Design
We offer a perfect blend of space planning, analysis of layout design, on-site survey, careful selection and supply of materials, furnishing in strict collaboration with clients, definitive project rendering and service delivery.

Product Design
We encourage “tailor-made” approach supporting our carpentry and collaborating with leading specialists in the field to create technically and aesthetically exclusive solutions in line with highest Made in Italy service standards.

Construction Management
During construction, we deliver complex monitoring of work in progress making multiple site visits to control material excellence and ensure works quality.