• Raised floor by Uniflair;
• 5 mm thick concrete effect floor with effect of cement-vinyl by Pergo;
• Wall wood paneling by Iwalldesign;
• Backlit Krion walls by Boffetto;
• Directional office furniture made of rare Bubinga wood, leather elements by Codutti;
• Ponds made of polystyrene;
• LED illumination;
• Bar seating furniture by Magis;
• Zanussi industrial kitchen;
• Vertical greenery by Benetti.

It is a permanent exhibition center of Gabon wood with area of 3000 square meters featuring 12000 square meters of plasterboard containing 30 exhibition pavilions, an industrial kitchen, a piano bar, bathrooms, dining area and executive office.

The goal was to design architectural complex that reflects ecological concept and recreates wild space of a forest.
Inside we find water pools, rocky fragments and plant elements that descend from the ceiling defining fluid spaces that synthesize its traditional and modern aspects.
Raised PVC floors allow the creation of resin polystyrene ponds for water flow.

The structural part is masked by stylized wooden structures evoking figure of the Tree.

Project includes floor and ceiling lighting, countertops with natural lichen grafting, stone, wood and Krion backlit alternating with green.