Office furniture project in collaboration with:
• I 4 Mariani (desk, armchairs and sofas);
• Low furniture and white 9010 lacquered wood paneling with golden profile;
• Tailor-made carpet in collaboration with Sartori Tappeti;
• Low coffee table with top and base in glass, lamps in Burano glass by Reflex Angelo;

This project was made for private office with workspaces and relaxation area. The walls with white-gold boiserie are completed with light flooring taking advantage of color brightness to define furniture in design composition.

Decorative grooves of the ceiling evoke sequential nature of space and ensure right work of diffused lighting in this environment.
Wood furniture is featured with distinctive finishes scaling from cream lacquer to Canaletto walnut.
Floor lamps of golden color are used to add details to the lightning points.